The Missing Bit


Programming STM32l011 as I2C slave with STOP mode using rust

In one of my project, I want to use a small microcontroller. Because of it's low cost, low power use and simplicity, I decided to use a STM32l011. With it's TSSOP footprint, I can solder it manually.

The MCU will be sleeping most of the time, and waken up by another MCU via I2C. So I have to put it in STOP mode with wake up from I2C.

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Starting a new game engine project

I have been wondering for a few years now, if creating my own game engine was a good idea. Absolutely every indicators say NO, this is NOT a good idea, because there are many game engines already, they are mature, and I would just lose my time.

But today I have decided to start coding, even if the universe is telling me to not do it.

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Using address sanitizer with rust and C libraries

For one of my project, I am writing a mix of Rust and C code. I have to write quite a bit of unsafe Rust to call my C functions.

I had some subbtle memory corruption and I couldn't find the issue.

After a while, I was able to enable the AddressSanitizer, here is how.

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Using Firefox on Wayland with X11 apps

I use sway on wayland, and one annoyance I had, is this error:

firefox error

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In HTML emails, always set text and background colors in pair

My system has a dark theme, which means my thunderbird has a dark theme too.

The problem is very simple, when an HTML email sets text color only, without setting background color, the email becomes unreadable.

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