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Configuring esbuild with phoenix and tailwind

This is a quick setup for phoenix 1.6, live view and tailwind for CSS.

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Configuring IPv6 with DHCP-PD on OpenBSD

In this post I will share how I configured my OpenBSD router for IPv6 with DHCP-PD.

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How to kill a TCP socket under linux

Premier avis sur HUMANKIND

Note: This post is in French only.

Mon avis sur HUMANKIND.

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Unreasonable printer project

I have been tinkering with 3d printing for a while, and I have decided to work on a new printer project, from scratch.

It is not reasonable, so I have named this project the "unreasonable printer project", because I am very original.

This post will be upated regularly, it will serve as build log.

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