The Missing Bit

Starting a new game engine project

I have been wondering for a few years now, if creating my own game engine was a good idea. Absolutely every indicators say NO, this is NOT a good idea, because there are many game engines already, they are mature, and I would just lose my time.

But today I have decided to start coding, even if the universe is telling me to not do it.


I have been a programmer for quite some years now, and I have written "game enginy" code for many projects, like physics engine, resource manager, 2D renderer, and many more. But all those works were in different languages, for different project and never lived together.

Now I want to create something using all my experience. I realize I could contribute to an existing game engine, but I have decided to start from scratch.

I really hope I'll be able to come out with something usable.

General architecture

After thinking about it for quite some times, I made the following choices:

I can't wait to share more. I'll write more about it as soon as it start coming out of the ground.