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Running multiple tasks side by side
September 26, 2017
Updated: February 22, 2018


When doing web development, it’s not unusual to have to run multiple watchers/server.

For example, you might have an hugo server running next to a webpack watcher.

You can configure webpack dev server as a reverse proxy and do crazy things, but I found it was easier to split the processes and run them side by side in the terminal.

This let me have the two logs side by side for easier viewing, while being able to do CTRL-C to exit all processes.

The utility I use is called multitail and I run it like so:

multitail -D -s 2 -cT ansi \
  -l "webpack -w --watch-stdin --color" \
  -l "hugo server --bind --baseUrl dev.test"

This starts webpack watcher and hugo side by side in a single terminal.

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