The Missing Bit

Leaving macOS, part 2 = Requirements

This is the second part of my entry about leaving macOS.

This serie of articles is a combinaison of telling my life, rants and other pointless stories. You have been warned!

Ok, now that we are motivated. Let’s see what we are doing on macOS. I’ll start with the easy, non developer stuff.

Basic office work

I’m freelance, so I have to do a bunch of office work, mostly word documents, accounting and such. I use DEVONThink on mac to manage all my paperless office. I think DEVONThink is the only thing I won’t be able to replace 1:1 in this area.

Graphic & Design

I have photoshop and illustrator open all the time. I’m aware of all the alternatives, and I tried a lot of them, but I am really used to photoshop and illustrator. Replacing those two would require a “migration” on it’s own, and I don’t want to make my life harder than it is already going to be.


I use iTunes and Spotify. I also use Audio Hijack Pro to record system sounds when I need to. VLC for video. Except capturing system audio, I don’t think there is any issue here for any OS.

Internet and communication

Internet browsing, email, twitter, slack, … No surprise here.


I need it, I use it a lot.

Ok now to the fun part.

Apple developer tools and iOS

Let’s start with the hard to replace thingy. I have a few iOS App I need to replace. Hopefully, I am not doing any new app on iOS now. I’ll keep a VM around to publish apps I guess. So this is simpler than I thought: just don’t do any iOS dev at all!

Code editor

I use vim, so I guess I’m “portable” on that field.


I need a good git GUI to visualize my code changes. And as I love the CLI, NO, the CLI is NOT a good way to overview code changes. If you find a nice curse based tool, I might look into it, but the raw git command is not enough.

On macOS I use gitup which is great.

Compiler, tools and shit

I need to run my whole Elixir/Ruby/Node stack and the gazillion of CLI tool I use daily.

That’s about it. Let’s move to the next part.

UPDATE: Part 3 is available.